The Rock of Gibraltar is a place rich in history especially in the traces of human existence dating as far back as the age of the Neanderthal man. There has been a longstanding battle between Spain and the UK for sovereignty of the place, and a unanimous vote by the people of Gibraltar to remain under British rule rendered it still to be a British territory up to this day. Nonetheless, Gibraltar’s unique culture is a combination of all the influences that have landed in the region, Spanish and British notwithstanding, and its landmarks are worth seeing if you’re going on a trip to this place.

1.) Dolphin and whale watching

A cove down Gibraltar has an amazing display of dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. A trip down this bay is worth making just to witness the beauty of these sea creatures playing and showing off their splendor for all to see. Here, you will truly appreciate these marine creatures in their natural habitat.

2.) Cable ride

For a spectacular view from the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, you can take a cable car ride. During the ride, you will also get to see the majestic spread of Spain up north and Africa down south. This is truly a sight to behold!

3.) Water sports

You can go jet skiing and para gliding to enjoy the beautiful waters down in the Catalan or Sandy bays and other beaches. Be one with the underground flora and fauna by diving into the waters, too, if you love exploring under the sea. This will definitely give you a thrill as you dive deep down into the waters of Gibraltar.

4.) Migrating birds

On certain seasons, migratory birds flock the Rock of Gibraltar to escape the wintry months of their homes. Thousands of different birds come here, and the sight is truly amazing. It is one of those experiences that have you in awe at the wonders of nature.

5.) Monkeys without tails

This is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Gibraltar. The macaques, otherwise known as the tailless monkeys are said to be the only species of wild primates that can be found in the whole of Europe. There is also a wonderful legend covering the existence of these macaques in Gibraltar, one which believes that it will cease to be a British territory once these monkeys have also ceased to exist.

6.) Museum

Here, you will find the earliest evidences of human existence in Gibraltar. The museum houses a skull of the Neanderthal man said to have first inhabited the place. You will also learn all about the historical battle between the British and Spanish troops for the right to own the Rock of Gibraltar.

7.) Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is said to have been around since the early 1800s. Gibraltar’s gardens are a collection of native and foreign plants and flowers. You will also see here bust sculptures that depict the era of when the garden was first opened.

8.) Shopping

Don’t miss out on shopping here. In fact, you can go on a shopping spree guilt-free because most goods and commodities here are sold at lower prices. This is primarily due to lower taxes on these goods as well as the freedom from other government taxes.

9.) Shrines and mosques

Gibraltar has been under many influences including religion. This country has a rich mixture of these religious influences in their history. Here, you will see mosques converted into the Shrine of Gibraltar’s Patroness, Our Lady of Europe, among other things.

10.) Changing of the Guards

Typically British, this ceremony, which takes place a couple of times within the day, is something to watch out for. You will witness the discipline and perhaps a little stoicism in the behavior of the Guards that are quite entertaining and awe-inspiring at the same time. You can see this in the place where Gibraltar’s Governor resides.

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